Commercial Displays

Display stands are available to any vendor who wants to promote products or services of interest to Classic and Custom bike fans and Motorcyclists in general.

Classic Motorcycle Show

Stands are nominally 4 metres deep by 6 metres long. Larger stands can be made available at a negotiable rate. Our intention is to attract as wide a range of displays as possible, so we are keeping prices low.

To comply with Rotary International guidelines we are required to ensure that no displays could be perceived as being associated with criminal or illegal activities.

Any queries, please contact us via email at If you’d like to discuss opportunities for sponsorship, larger displays, or have any other queries, we will be pleased to arrange a time to come and meet with you.

The commercial display categories are as follows with all fees are plus GST:

Category Definition Full Fee Sponsor Prize
Safety  We want to promote and encourage anything that makes riding safer. Vendors in this category must be offering products or services that support this. We take a fairly liberal view and would include obvious services such as Rider Training and Track Days, but also GPS, Bike to Bike Comms, Tyres, Earplugs, Hi-Viz vests etc. $500 $0 $500
Services These vendors target the rebuilder/restorer and may include: Wheel building, Engine case cleaning, Painting, Electroplating, Cleaning, Degreasing. $1000 $500 $500 or Demo
Tools, Parts, Accessories Used or NOS $500 $0 $500
Tools, Parts, Accessories New $1000 $500 $500
Bikes for Sale (New) New $2000 $1500 $500
Bikes for Sale (Used) Restored or Customised $1000 $500 $500

Sponsorships: Any vendor can reduce their stand fee by $500 by sponsoring one of the competition categories (Best Vintage, Best American etc) either in cash or in product/services value equivalent to $500. Sponsorships will be acknowledged during the presentations and on the show website.

Demonstrations: Any vendor offering a Service, who can run demonstrations of this at regular times during the show, may be offered a stand at the sponsorship level fee. Eg: A Wheel Building service may demonstrate how to respoke a wheel etc. The organisers want to make the show as interactive as possible, so if you’ve got an idea for a demonstration we are open to all suggestions.