We are proud to have the Ride Forever motorcycle section of ACC as the Name Sponsor of the show in 2016. ACC have been running Ride Forever training courses since 2012. Courses costs are minimal ranging from $20 to $50 with ACC putting their money where their levies are and subsidising $250 of each courses actual cost. We’ll be doing a write up soon as 3 of us are booked on a course for 7th May!


Spirit of Munro Scout only V2

Polaris are again a Key Sponsor of the show and are donating another Indian Scout with all proceeds from its auction going to charity. The Burt Munro Tribute in 2015 raised $37,000! We’ll be running a vote on this site to pick the theme for the 2016 bike with an Indian Jacket up for grabs … watch this space!


The good guys and girls at Biketranz are Key Sponsors and have been involved with the show from Day 1. Biketranz live and breathe bikes and this is reflected in the love and care they lavish on all the bikes they transport.


Kev and his team at Bikerider will be promoting us in the magazine and some of the winners of the marque contests will get free subscriptions as well. Have a look at the article on the winner of the 2015 Classic Bike of the Year and coming later in May a rare AJS Model 31 CSR.

Do you want to become a sponsor? 

Please contact: Colin Macdonald email: nzmotorcycleshow@gmail.com