The New Zealand Motorcycle Show is for the community and about the community. First and foremost the event is giving to the community.

All profits from the Show will go towards Rotary Community projects including the funding of education for staff of The National Burn Unit and the Youth Driver Awareness program. The show is run by the The Rotary Club of Papakura. This club is one of New Zealand’s most established Clubs with a membership of some 50 Rotarian’s. We are no strangers to holding substantial fund raising events and pride ourselves in the professional manner in which we approach and carry these out. Each year the Rotary Club of Papakura contributes a considerable amount of time and money to both the Greater South Auckland Community and as well as internationally. 1420415898534 Everyone who works for the Show gives there time to the show and the community for free. Best of all it is about you. The individuals and clubs who show their motorcycles at the Ride Forever Motorcycle Show.  You the public who come to the Show and are amazed by the beauty and power of these motorcycles.

The community is online!

A key part of the Show is the online community. This is how we extend the event and giving beyond 2 days in a year to the whole year. This is how we create a sustainable brand and event. Importantly, it is the primary way in which costs are reduced and profits are maximized for the event. We are reminded that all profits from the Show will go towards community charities including the funding of education for staff of The National Burn Unit and and the Youth Driver Awareness program.

So, please like us, follow us and SHARE us. This is how we will increase the awareness of this important cause and contribution to the community.

The online community has the following growing parts that are interlinked: