Buckley V3 2-Stroke

Buckley Engine

Another iconic NZ built bike. This is the 1999 Buckley 500cc V3 2-stroke inspired by Bill Buckley and built by a talented team including Wayne Wright and Denver Lawson. It won the 2001 NZ Formula 1, but sadly wasn’t developed further.
This bike and engine will be at the show.

One thought on “Buckley V3 2-Stroke

  1. Bill didnt build the bike, he financially enabled a bunch of us to realize our dreams,making available his cash and CNC capability to do anything we wanted.Bloody sad it was never ” finished “,being scuppered by the teams development status being given to Ducati, who at the time didnt even have a bike.This came about as the FIM realised that there was a very good chance BSL would score race points, thus giving us a franchise for the next year that any team ,including Ducati, would have to pay plenty for to get into MotoGP


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