$1000 Cash Prizes

We are again running the big 4 competition categories … all of which have a $1000 cash prize:

  • Best Bike in Show. Judged by a panel of local and international specialists, this is the bike that in the judges opinion best represents what biking is all about. Its not a concours or age related or marque related contest … its the Best Bike overall. This prize is again sponsored by the good people at Star Insurance who have been supporters of the show since day 1.
  • Classic Bike of the Year. This is a prize for the best restoration of a pre 1993 bike, that has been completed in the 18 months prior to show date. We are looking for an overall package rather than pedantic attention to detail. This could equally be won by a tiny BSA Bantam or a 6 cylinder Honda CBX. ProRider are again sponsoring this award and will be promoting their riding courses and offshore trips at the show.
  • Best Club. This award is judged by the show organisers for the club or group (non profit) that best represent their organisation and who make their display as appealing to the viewing public as possible. Star Insurance also sponsor this award and have their people on-site offering a competitve range of both modern and classic bike insurance.
  • People’s Choice. One of the most popular awards at the show and voted for by visitors to the show. This can be any bike YOU like, old or new, rough or polished and wins its happy owner $1000! This prize is donated by Century Yuasa batteries, who are also providing product prizes for the Marque contests. Filling in the voting card also gets you into the draw for the Door Prize … so go for it

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