How do we dress the Scout?

Last year we dressed up an Indian Scout as a Tribute to Burt Munro. This year Indian are generously giving us another Scout which we’ll again auction on Trademe. All proceeds from the auction go to Charity!
What should we dress this years bike up as? … whilst the Burt Bike looked amazing, it was a one-off and we don’t want to repeat it.
We are running a Vote on the Facebook page … have a look and give us your ideas as to what this years bike should be. There’s a really nice Indian Jacket up for grabs for one lucky voter …

One thought on “How do we dress the Scout?

  1. As we are all proud Kiwi’s and the Indian has a long association with New Zealand why not paint it in the Black and White of New Zealand but with a twist. As we are also proud of our history why not make it a memorial bike, Instead of the silver form wrapped over the bike we should have the fern but instead of leaves we have servicemen.
    Lets we forget


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