13th & 14th August 2016

Whoohoo! The date for the 2016 show has been set for the weekend of 13th and 14th August 2016 … once again at the fabulous ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

One of the great challenges we are having is how to fit everything in! … the 2015 show got such good reviews that we’ve already had a lot of queries from new exhibitors, bike distributors, clothing and accessory providers, tool suppliers … its a good long list and it a fantastic problem to have.

One of the “complaints” from last year was there wasn’t enough to buy so its a great opportunity for all of our exhibitors to ensure we’ve got plenty of choices available. Not everyone buys a new bike at the show (quite a few did!) but it is nice to come home with a new jacket, some waterproof gloves, a smart battery charger, some tools …

As new exhibitors rock up, we’ll post some more blogs to keep you all in the loop … as a starter expect to see a new bike come up for auction again … watch this space …



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