Biketranz Brace of Brittens

We will have not one but two Brittens at the show. Biketranz will be displaying both the most recognisable Britten “The Bike” as well as Aero-D-Zero which was built by John Britten and Mike Brosnan as a styling exercise and was a forerunner to the Britten itself. Aero-D-Zero features a bevel drive Ducati Darmah engine in a trellis frame and set the record in the 1990 speed trials at 247 kph.


6 thoughts on “Biketranz Brace of Brittens

  1. ”hey-ya. jus a quick question mates . . you are saying there will be an captn america easy rider chopper at the show. Is it the real deal ?, coming from america ?. If it is, will certainly be at the show !. Been waiting since 1969 to see these rides !. cheers, steve k.


  2. Aye how you going I have a 2007 big dog chopper shes awesome maybe good enough to put on show how do I enter or wat do I need to enter please advise.cell 0226361833


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